PARC: PERU ARTE CONTEMPORANEO 2015. Perú, Barranco, Lima.



Exhibition as part of the XVI Photography Bienale


The Photography Bienale, which takes place over 20 years ago, is one of the oldest and more persistent contests of it's kind in Mexico. It's beginins -during the 70's- meant the revindication of photography aparatus as an art medium.  Two exhibitions, "From Sculpture to Archive", curated by Magnolia Garza, and "The Depth of the Surface", curated by Mauricio Alejo, both are showcasing the piece "Observatory Project (Sundial / Clock moon) ".


Photo Cred.: Carlos Ivan Hernández



Remember the Path

This publication is a scaled reproduction of what exists as a unique artist’s book. Lugo takes this format and re-elaborates a series of his works, gathered in this volume to create a new narrative. Ludic yet profound, his work deals with the puzzling entanglements between surface and representation, reality and fiction.  Writer Jorge Volpi takes this as the trigger for his collaboration, and threads a series of notes throughout the book, which function both as a new fiction of his, as well as a sharp reflection on the subtleties of Lugo’s work.


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SUMMA Art Fair 2014. Madrid, Spain.


The 2014 SUMMA Art fair presented a selection of aproximatedley 75 national and international galleries that will showcase the work of renowned as well as emerging artist. Hugo Lugo presents his work with Yusto/Giner gallery. 



Ten Mexican Artists to Discover at Zona MACO


Mexico City: the home of Frida and Diego, muralists and Surrealists, top contemporary artists like Gabriel Orozco and Francis Alÿs, and of course Central America’s preeminent art fair, Zona Maco. For the occasion of the latter (which opens to the public tomorrow), we thought we’d highlight ten Mexican artists, both historic and contemporary, whose work you can discover this week in the booths of the fair’s top exhibitors.



Strange Courses of Time


Yusto/Giner gallery presents the most recent solo exhibitioin by Hugo Lugo. About 25 works (acrylic and oil on canvas and paper, photography, video, installation and archive) occupying three gallery spaces and the projection room. A glass case, as a sort of vitrine, also explains different elements of his creative process, from postcards to preliminary drawings leading to subsequent and final works, even various elements of nature he uses as reference. Curator: Marcela Quiroz.




On Paper, Yusto/Giner Gallery, Spain.

Gallery Yusto / Giner exhibits the group show ON PAPER with which they want to emphasize the importance of the paper as a support in contemporary art. The exhibition presents the work of nine international artists that address
the expressive possibilities offered by this medium, using their own language, not as pre-work state, but as the work itself, as a defined transcendent entity. The artists in this exhibition come from the United States and Mexico.


Participation in the X Bienal Monterrey FEMSA


The National Centre for the Arts will be showcasing the works conforming the most important contemporary art comptetition in Mexico: The X Bienal Monterrey FEMSA.




Recent Works, at Alfredo Ginocchio Gallery. Mexico City.

As a result of the work done in his latest exhibition (Too late, too far), in this new pieces Lugo further elaborates the almost paradoxical relationship between painting and drawing, which has become the axis of a perhaps transcendental discourse, even while using media such as photo or video.

Presented as multiple subjective experiences, these works are significant findings given in the process of handling the material itself. Without denying the strong interrelationships with 'materic' explorations, Lugo poses here to vindicate a sense of wonder and redimension that which is purely formal from a more human perspective.



Registro 03, Museo MARCO, Monterrey México.


The Museum of Contemporary Art in Monterrey presents a review of the context of contemporary creation in the northern Mexican border through the work of seven artists whose circumstances have led them to live in this area.


Latin American Artworks auctioned in Mexico

With the body of work dating from the early 20th Century to present, the impressive collection of modern and contemporary art combines Latinamerican Art legends such as Siquieros and Cortazar alongside upcoming contemporary artists such as Hugo Lugo and Boris Viski.